Supporting your own positive mental health

Mental Health is a journey we don’t always know we’re on until later

Peer group participant

Three quick tips:

Write down two self care activities you enjoy. One which is an activity you can do every day, and one which is a bigger one, but still accessible in the near future.

For example, the short term self care activity could be going for a walk with your phone off, and the long term activity could be having a friend over for dinner this weekend.

The purpose of self care is to do something nice for ourselves. Sometimes, we have bad days and life gets busy. Planning for times when self care is needed makes it more likely someone will choose healthy self care

Talk to someone if you need to. And even if you don’t right now, think of who around you you would be comfortable talking about your mental health with. This could be a professional, a friend, a spiritual leader, or a coworker.

Keep learning. Learn things that interest you, no matter what those are and also keep learning about mental health.