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Free Training

The Free-Forever Mindskills Learning Hub is our flagship service, providing free skills training, certificate courses, and expert videos


Affordable Counselling

Support your mental health for less than you might think, starting from $5 per month


Supporting Workplaces

Work can often impact how the rest of our lives feel. We support employers with training for management and staff, and custom benefit packages that are guaranteed to save momey

What's In the Mindskills Learning Hub?

The Mindskills Learning Hub teaches interpersonal skills, communication skills, basic helping skills, and uses current evidence and definitions to help you talk about mental health in a way that promotes wellness. 

Whether you’re looking for something to improve your own live, or want to develop skills for your social or professional life, there’s something in the Mindskills Learning Hub for you. Here’s how we do it. 

The Free Learning Hub Includes:

Access all our self-directed courses for free, including:: Mindskills 101, Everyday Mindfulness, Goals and Routines, and CBT Exercises,, as well as all our new free courses as they are published. Each take about 90 minutes, and include a printable certificate

For those who prefer to listen or watch to learn, we post a new webinar monthly on our course content, as well as topics that follow the mental health impacts of current events and different times of year.

Browse 30 (and counting) fillable and printable PDF worksheets that compliment our course content, and help develop new skills like routines that help you get things done.

All of our content is created by masters-level counsellors who actively practice in Canada, and are licensed by their provincial governing body. This isn't pseudoscience - we only include information that the best available evidence indicates we should.

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