Working with People Experiencing Homelessness - Level One

Upcoming Group Therapy Sessions

Learn more about each program in the dropdowns below, and use the form below to register. You’ll need to have a valid email address for us to contact you. These sessions are delivered in two formats: 

Asynchronous groups use a secure discussion forum service to host weekly text-based discussions on a topic. These do not require you to log in at the same time every week, or use a webcam or microphone. 

Live groups use a secure Zoom room for live discussions of topics. These require the use of a webcam and microphone, and will be at a set time every week for 50 minutes. 

All groups are led by a clinical counsellor licensed to practice in their home province. If a group is in the list below, there are still spots available. 

This program is designed to accompany our 6-week self-directed Cognitice Behavioural Therapy program. Participants can expect do discuss homework assignments about throught distortions, automatic thoughts, and cognitive modification. 

This program does not accompany any of our self-directed programs. Topics discussed will include: biological basis of routines and habits, making goals, setting routines, and how daily routines interact with mental health. 

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