So, what exactly is depression?

‘Depression’ is often used to refer to major depressive disorder, sometimes also called clinical depression. Depression is different than feeling sad for a short period of time.

Clinical depression is a common and serious medical condition, that can be treated effectively. It is generally characterized by an individual feeling down most of the time and/or losing pleasure in regular activities, for a period of two or more weeks.

Depression is one type of mood disorder

Major depressive disorder is the most common mood disorder, but it is only one of a number of others.

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder which is having symptoms of depression seasonally, usually in the winter months, which can be attributed to low exposure to sunlight.
  • Bipolar Disorder which is characterized by periods where an individual experiences symptoms of depression, as well as periods experiencing mania, which exhibits symptoms that are generally opposite of those of depression
  • Postpartum Depression which is having symptoms of depression after giving birth