The Plan

Thinking back to the example of the airport, if we want to get on a plane, we will need to:

  • Buy a ticket
  • Get to the airport
  • Check in, and check our bags
  • Go through security
  • Find our gate
  • Find our seat

For your goals, this is no different. This structure has a few important parts to it.

  1. The “because” box. Why do you wan to do this goal? For yourself? For others? For fun? For your career? All of these answers are great, but understanding why will help you understand your motivation
  2. Steps along the way. List out as many things that would need to happen as possible. Each step becomes a success. For example, if your goal was to run a 10K race in under an hour, your steps might be:

  • Sign up for a race
  • Buy running shoes
  • Find time for three runs a week
  • Run three times a week for a month
  • Run three times a week for three months
  • Run your 10K race.

At each step, there is space to check in with yourself to see how things went, and if there’s something that needs tweaking for the next step

Lastly, choose a reward that would motivate you to keep going. This can be a dinner out, a special purchase, or something else you usually consider a treat. Keep in mind, it’s usually best to choose smaller rewards for fast goals, and bigger ones for goals that take longer.