Find Your Balance With Mindlii

Mindlii is an all-in-one platform that provides your group with certificate programs, self-directed counselling, and group therapy they’ll actually use, at a price that is actually affordable

What does mindlii do?
Make your Organization run better!

Certificate programs provide essential skills in understanding how to support mental wellness in yourself and those around you.

Self-directed eCounselling programs provide access to evidence-based counselling. Learn CBT, solution-focused counselling, Mindfulness and others.

Group Therapy programs provide space to learn from our counsellors and others. Topics are added every month and use text and video

No administration time! Your team can securely manage their own accounts at any time - we'll handle the rest

Solutions for every organization

Whether you want to support your team or provide a unique bonus to customers, supporters, or your community that will get people talking, Mindlii is for you!

How You Can Use Mindlii

A Mindlii Employee Benefit

Show your employees you value them by giving them access to counselling they will use - all at a low flat rate

A Mindlii Customer Perk

Give Mindlii access with a purchase of your product or service to an unlimited number of customers

Build Customer Relationships with Mindlii

Make a statement about mental health in your community by providing past customers access to Mindlii

About the Mindlii Team


North Vancouver, BC


Mindlii is built by professional counsellors and training experts who want to make every workplace a place where Canadians can grow, develop, and make their communities strong. We understand the perspectives of frontline staff and leadership in all sorts of settings, including foodservice, retail, real estate, logistics, the non-profit sector, and many more. Reach out today to chat about how we can make your organization shine